Wednesday, May 21, 2014

"Uno jamon con queso bocadillos, por favor!"

So today, we traveled from Madrid to Sarria. We took the metro to a train station and then rode a train for six hours. It was unanimously voted that the train trip was far more comfortable than the plane. We got our first good look at the Spanish countryside. Madrid was very urban, and buzzed like a busy city should. 

The countryside featured rolling hills, flat plateaus, and small mountains and cliffs. 

We grabbed lunch at the train station before we boarded, and this pilgrim is proud to say that with no prior background in the language at all, I managed to order my lunch without any help! "Uno jamon con queso bocadillo, por favor!" My ham and cheese sandwich was amazing and I'm quite proud of my accomplishment!

Also a momentous occasion for us, we got to get our first stamps on our Camino passport and we saw our first yellow arrow, the indicator for many pilgrims as to where to go next!

We've checked into our first albergue and had an amazing pizza and pasta for dinner! Pictured is the street our restaurant and albergue are located on in Sarria. 
Tomorrow begins a short day of walking- only 10 miles to Paradela. We're hoping for very little rain, but it seems as if it will drizzle our whole time here! A most-likely-soggy blogger will check in again tomorrow to update on our progress. Thanks for reading!

-Kelsey Cooper

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