Saturday, May 24, 2014

"Hey St. Bernard!!!"

So, due to a lack of WIFI we have been unable to communicate with the outside world. Sorry, not sorry. Being disconnected is probably one of best things about this trip. Granted, I love my technological device as much as the next person, but the ability to just BE is something one doesn't often get. Yesterday we stayed in a small village in an alburgue called, "Casa Garcia". Outside of the cows and dogs, the inhabitants probably numbered in the 10's. One inhabitant stole my heart. Meet, the dog I named St.Bernard.

This beautiful dog would roll over so I could rub her belly and any time I stood up, she would reach out with her paws to try and stop me from leaving. While the picture does look like she is trying to keep me away, the exact opposite is what was happening!

-Buen Camino from the TLU pilgrims, and St. Bernard

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