Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Some Things We Take For Granted

More like what we take for granted that we have every day in the United States. If you're reading this from back home you walk into any restroom and wash your hands then find a well stocked supply of plushy paper towels waiting to dry your hands off with. While walking the Camino here, we have learned that not all paper products are created equal, nor is it believed that they should be well stocked. Most napkins, paper towels, toilet paper excetera seem to be made of what is the equivalent to receipt paper and just smear the wetness or food residue around on your fingers. Point is, there are a great many things we take for granted or otherwise could do without in the United States. Here is a small list of things that myself and the other pilgrims have taken for granted and realized since we have been walking the Camino: 

Real bath and hand towels rather than camp towels. 

A familiar shower that doesn't require shower shoes.

A pillow with your own hair on it as opposed to someone else's.


Healthy, not-sore muscles. 


Complimentary water at restaurants.

Walking into a place and knowing you will hear a familiar language.

Reliable internet sources.

One menu per person at restaurants as opposed to one menu per seven people and quickly sharing.

Heaters. For the love of cold it's cold here.

Texas heat (yes I just said that). 

This is just a small list that we talked about today and we will likely add to this as the next 3 days go on bit it is interesting to see the differences between what we see and a custom at home and the reality of the customs here. I know that all of us will go home with a new sense of our American tendencies and maybe be a little more conscious of the little and large luxuries we enjoy at home in Texas. 

And here is a list of things I would change  and bring back with me as a custom in the U.S: 

Large pastries for breakfast. 

Chocolate croissants.

Chocolate croissants.

Fresh bread.

Fresh squeezed orange juice.

Low preservative foods.

About 10 euro (13-15 USD) for a large 3 course meal AND wine, beer, soda, or water. 

Spanish roses. 

Pretty cows. 

Jaime Ohm

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